50 Hand-cast MegaBot Awards

For a client project, I was assigned the task of heading up the mold making process for 50 units of awards that were based on the schematics of the MegaBot MarkII Giant Fighting Robot. Parts were arrayed by an associate and then mold box making, materials and labor calculations, and process supervision were handled by myself.

Additionally, I was involved with the assembly, flatting, detailing, weathering, and delivery of all 50 units. This was a complicated project on a tight schedule with a limited team, but the results were worth the effort me and my team put in.



Early mold boxes. Pigment was used in the silicon to help with the age of each mold and to help calculate mold burn-out rates. Due to the tight timeline, molds were being filled within minutes of parts being released, which prevented mold cool down and accelerated burn out. To counteract this, three to four molds were made for each part and rotated continuously through the process.


This is the first comp model as reference for the client showing all color tests and fabrication results.


And of course, assembly line photos! There were a few smaller parts that were easier to 3D print than mold, but it meant that additional time was needed during assembly. The results of the final piece were substantially more accurate to the genuine robot by using this method.

IMG_20170121_181155404 IMG_20170122_045042437 IMG_20170122_062704836