My desire is to make. The greatest pleasure is that of constructing something with my own hands; using the tools at my disposal, the idea in my head, the specs I’ve been provided, and the deadlines to drive me forward.

Being idle is not in my blood. I like working hard, I was raised by hard working people, and I work best with hard working teams. The hardest part of any day is trying to take a break when all I want to do is finish what I started. Even my free time is spent working on something.



I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Industrial Design and AAS of Illustration. These fields kick-started my experience with a number of different art trades – design, sculpting, molding, illustration, and painting.

Hands-on experience in all these attributes has helped to expand the possibilities for what can be done with any given theme or medium. My philosophy is that the more skills you know, the more you improve the skills you already had. For instance, a trick you learned by painting might be translated into a new way to handle mold making. Also: I really like learning new things.

In the past, I have worked for several volunteer and not-for-profit groups, have held management positions, and have handled jobs in customer service, retail, and event management. I have been sub-contracted for large events and projects, handle private commissions, and sell items on a web-shop called ContraDorktion with a second shop in the works.

Inspiration has come in many forms, among which are my many artist peers, my growing number of personal clients, events and gigs that I’ve staffed, and the places I have been.


If you want to know more about my work history, or are interested in commission information, please contact me via email at k.bebber(at)gmail.com