Arrested Development Miniatures

There were two miniatures that I was called in to assist with for Arrested Development. There was a small team of fabricators working on these, replicating full-scale props or sets that had been seen on a previous episode of the show. We used our reference images to embellish and recreate these scenes for use in the show as miniatures.


The front and back views of the Closet Conversion float. The closets were built on pivots so that they could spin  when played with by the actors. Additionally, the float had wheels under it so it could be pushed back and forth if desired.


Below: The little door frames were made to allow the door to open and close. Magnets were placed on the door and inset into the closet so that the doors would be closed at most times, but opened with the lightest tug.

ClosetItself DockSm

Another set made for the show was a replica of the pier that was a vital part of a previous plot point. Major details were included, such as specific tents, barges and vehicles, while liberties were taken with some other aspects that would blend into the quirkiness of the show.