Child’s Play Charity Dinner Statue

For a Child’s Play Charity I created a custom statue to deliver for their end of the year charity dinner and fundraiser. This charity is part of an organization created by Penny Arcade 15 years ago and which exists to help children in long-stay hospital visits have a semblance of normalcy by providing entertainment and games into the hospitals they serve.

As Child’s Play still works closely with Penny Arcade, and as a fan of some of the content created by Penny Arcade, I decided to make a statue for the charity that reflects the themes of some of that content in a way that I thought would get decent donations for the charity.

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For more information about Child’s Play Charity See:
Child’s Play Charity Website

For more information on how to get tickets to the Charity Dinner See:
Tickets: Charity Dinner in Seatle


Detail Shots:

IMG_20180829_121049 IMG_20180829_121313 IMG_20180829_095945340