Chocolate Replica Head Gift

This project was to take a 3 D scan of a human head and convert it into chocolate for a Grab Bag gift. After taking the scan, some errors in the file occurred, which were then touched up in Blender. After that, the 3D print was created and further touched up to remove the grainy print texture.


From there a food-safe mold was created. Rather than make a 2-part mold and have to deal with release agents that would compromise the food-safety of the mold, the entire thing was cast as a block, then cut open with a jewelers’ cut.

IMG_2436 IMG_2438

From there the chocolate melts were prepared and poured into the mold to make an identical replica. The sample below was a swirl of two colors – white and red. Then a candy melt is heated on a food-safe pad to secure the head from falling. After this additional chocolate is melted to brush on to the hair (see Featured Image).