Crew, Gigs, & Events

In addition to full time and freelance design roles, I have begun staffing and assisting with technical and crew positions. This list will reflect short-term, weekend or single-day jobs that I’ve crewed or staffed.

July 2016

La Crescenta Independence Day Fireworks Crew

Set up, safety and arrangement of fireworks spectacle for Independence Day fireworks showing.

2016 ongoing

SoftPoint Media contractor

Technical break-down, relocation and set-up of offices across many industries. Job details vary by location, though generally involve the set up of 30+ computer workstations with dual or triple monitor installations.

July 2015

Anime Expo Booth Assistance for Viz Media.

3-Day position setting up the booth and booth events, controlling lines and booth traffic, creating positive and memorable convention-attendee experiences at all booth events.