Dog Faerie Costume

This was a costume to compliment the Hyrule Warriors Link Costume for a Halloween gathering.


To make the wings stay upright and at a decent angle, an armature needed to be designed. This was based on reviews of factory-made costumes which are one-size and tend to flop on skinnier dog breeds like this.


Dog3d print (3)

The armature used was designed in blender to fit the exact dog and printed on a Bukito 3D Printer. Since there was no major load to be placed on the print, it was used without reinforcement other than glue used in the joints for the wings.

Dog3d print (1)

From that, the rest of the costume was patterned from soft felt material and sewn to fit the armature. Additional padding was added in the wings for bulk, as well as under the armature for the dog’s comfort.


The fastener was a strap that went around the dogs neck loosely like a harness, and another strap that went around his torso to stabilize the wings..