Faux Newsletter: Weekly Warlock Whisper

In this particular piece, we were originally generating letters and information for a show where a character had lost his mail for a year. While I did also provide text for several letters, I discussed with the organizer about making a flier or mailer that would have been sent to this person. Upon further discussion with the team of creatives involved, we determined that this newsletter should have some story, a reason why it was lost in the mail for so long. We created a small mystery murder to add to an already curious piece of occult mail.

It should be noted that some art and writing for this piece were contributed by other project members, notably six of the drawings from the interior pages, the “Remembering Lord Kyvan” article, and the ads for Wand Ointment and an entity seeking a patron.


Above: The front and back spread, as they were digitally rendered. Art was largely done in pen and ink and then reduced to greyscale so the print would be one color.
Below: The interior pages as they were designed. Both the interior and exterior pages had a textured fade on them to indicate a printing method that is older and less precise than current printing technology.


Six sets were made as a way to test the process and so that all parties involved would receive a copy in addition to the cast and crew copy to be sent out. Handwriting and notes were written throughout, as well as the eventual wash and ink splatter which lead to the mystery aspect: What happened to the person writing the notes?


Below: Custom made envelopes sealed with flour paste were assembled and fitted with information detailing the process of trying to uncover the case, as well as ink splatter hiding the note to “destroy” the evidence that was no longer needed. This touch was added as a way to indicate how the letter got into the mail at all – at least as far as the show was concerned.