Hardest Working Hands – Commercial – Del Taco

As a part of the Del Taco production line for their “Hardest Working Hands” series of commercials, I was brought in to lead the production of five sets. As of this posting, only two have been announced and released, but other sets samples are available upon request.

Production on this project included two sets that had actual water effects, an active (miniature) fireplace, as well as some interactive set pieces. Special consideration had to be taken to permit transport of the sets without compromising the water resilience and fire safety of the sets. The whole project was made at 12th (or 1″) scale and production time was under 2 weeks.

To view some of the commercials, you can follow the link below:
Hardest Working Hands Commercials Article
Authentic Shredded Beef Commercial
Mix & Match Commercial
Celebrating the Hardest Working Hands
The NEW $1 Chicken Quesadilla

Pictures of the sets:

Mountain pass:


Above: A picture taken from set with one of the Del Taco chefs practicing his hand movements.

Below: The set in the shop without the backdrop. Final details and painting were worked on before shipping to the client.


Beach Set:


Above: While some materials can be sourced as prefab, we found that the palm trees on the market were either out of scale or just not equipped to be part of a hero shot. As a result, I made a custom tree from an assortment of materials for the shot. Not pictured were custom made coconuts finished by one of the other fabricators and used in the shot.

Below: The undressed set getting a final visual pass.