Hyrule Warriors Link Costume (Training Outfit)

This is a complete costume incorporating custom and prefabricated parts made for an event.

Prefabricated parts include: Glass jar, boots, pants and shirt (which was later modified). All other parts were made from raw materials including leather, EVA Foam, yarn, and assorted fabrics. For more details on each piece, scroll down to the pictures and read the blurbs for each.

img_2355 img_2367

All belts were modified to suit the in-game appearance of the character model, though additional flourishes were added – such as the fairy in a jar that is strapped to the belt.


The arm bracers were made from a polyester fabric to allow for easy application over the shirt layer (not pictured here).

The gauntlets and shin guards (pictured below) were made from EVA foam with the gauntlets being from 6mm and the shin guards 8mm thick material. Both additive and carving methods were used to get the proper shape, with rough weathering to allow the illusion of beaten training leather. Due to a last minute time constraint, a simple Velcro fastening method was used, though this will be later upgraded to fitted leather straps.




For the chain mail, rather than a heavy metal mail, the decision was made to crochet the “armor” as a dress. This then went over the base shirt and pants and also provided padding under the belts, relieving bruise-points when additional gear was strapped to the belts.



img_2410 img_2416

The top-cover of the uniform was made from rough-woven cotton. This costume is used by a trainee in the game, so the decision was to make the uniform appear cheaper than his later attire. The tunic and edging were machine sewn, however the central emblem was appliqued by hand.