Replica Chokers

Avatar: The Last Airbender Replica Jewelry

These are a series of jewelry accessories for costumes. The blue one is a hand-sculpted replica of the one shown in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The other colored chokers (each representing a nation and element) are original designs based on the style of the one in the show. Since there was no official version of the other elements (air, earth, fire) I decided to make two versions based on in-show graphics.


Air and Water ChokersCustom Water Nation Pendant designEarth and Fire Choker


Additionally, I was asked to make replica bullets to be hung on a necklace for costuming based on the character Chloe, from the game Life Is Strange. The bullets are original sculpt and cast models based on the size of the ones in the game, as opposed to any standard caliber.


Bullet Necklace