Random Facts

Congratulations! You found the secret fact page! There is nothing altogether substantial on this page, but it does offer a little insight into my brand of humor, some useless facts and a few other details.


Who uses ‘facts’ on a webpage, wouldn’t ‘FAQ’ suffice?

Perhaps – if these were questions I was frequently asked.

They aren’t.

What are your hobbies?

Being real honest, a lot of my free time is spent on creative things. Writing stories, plots, characters or designing worlds and scenes just for recreation. Drawing, sculpting, and doodling are also high on my list of things to do when not performing other obligations.

Aside from that, I do play the occasional video game, though generally games lose to some of my ‘more productive’ hobbies. Reading and catching up on movies or outdated television shows are sprinkled in there sometimes, as well.

Video games – are you a gamer?

Probably not. At best I’m a casual gamer, at worst not even applicable.

I like playing games and watching sci-fi and other things that all fit under many different branches of ‘nerd’, but this is mostly because many things fascinate me. Case in point, I read and watch science blogs, about art exhibits, watch SciFi or anime, read about archaeology, do elaborate math calculations for pretty much no reason at all. I keep it diverse and it keeps me engaged and learning. I like knowing things. Things are handy when they’re known.

What brought you to LA?

I actually came to LA while working with another artist on a few projects. While it was possible to work long distance, it was increasingly difficult. I made the tough decision to move to LA to work on that.

Unfortunately within a year of my moving here, those projects, and my contacts, fell through. I took this as an opportunity and began working on some new personal projects.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

This is going to sound weird, but I really like Kansas City, MO. When I made my long drive West from NY, I stopped there for a day and just loved the city. Something about it’s aesthetic was really appealing to me.

I know practically nothing about the city itself, but I do know it gets actual seasons, unlike LA, so that’s a plus.

Up alongside that is the city of Osaka, Japan. My brother and his wife live there and I spent a few weeks with them. It’s an amazing, diverse and inspiring city. Very high on my return-there list. Living is more difficult when one doesn’t know the language, unfortunately.

How about some favorites:


Color is hard for me because color relations interest me more as time goes on. I used to say “black with red decals” as a kid, and this is still a top color for me, but I think I’m more easily swayed by other relations as well- like sunset/rises in clouds. I do identify with desaturated, deep colors more than tints or saturated ones, though.


DOGS – forever. My second is probably large birds, like cockatoos and ravens and others in those respective families. Mice and rats are also kinda cool and lizards are fun to catch and release.


Generally a good place to start is “whatever is free.” Following this is Japanese cuisine (and I don’t just mean sushi and hibachi), anything with a lot of carbs, and red meat. I like food. I do not like having to shop or cook it, however.


This is hard! I really like mountains in general, so places with mountains are a definite plus. I love hiking them and just looking at them. Mountains by the ocean are also nice, but I’m not huge into swimming, especially not on these colder West Coast waters. Mountains intersected or piercing clouds, however, is my all-time favorite natural scene.


I actually don’t know if I have a favorite season. What I do know is I am not super fond of static seasons. It being warm in winter is great for walking the dog, but it leaves me missing something I had on the East Coast with winter snows and summer rainstorms.


To be perfectly honest the book I am reading at present is from the Extended Universe of Star Wars and it is quite engrossing. I recently listened to an Audiobook called The Power of Habit and found it super fascinating, as well.

Books that I have read that I loved include the Count of Monte Cristo, Les Miserables, this book I have about household possessions around the globe circa 1999, and my lovely artbooks from several artists I admire.


How to Train Your Dragon 1&2 and probably 3, whenever that comes out.
I love HTTYD. I have watched all the behind-the-scenes design process stuff and everything (though I do that for most movies, when possible).

Movies I am less obsessed with, but also love, include Akira, El Dorado, Interstellar, Kingsman, and Raise the Red Lantern. I like a lot of movies and am interested in things people do to break the mold of their genre.


Questions you have for me? Feel free to send me an email at k.bebber (at) gmail.com