Stream of Many Eyes: Stone of Golorr

For the Stream of Many Eyes event hosted by the Dungeons and Dragons department at Wizards of the Coast, there were many live events scheduled over a three day span. For one such event was a live-streamed actual-play scavenger hunt to find an elusive item known as the “Stone of Golorr”.

I was called into this project to finish the prop for delivery to the event. This included cleaning the cast part, patching any issues, texturing, and most importantly paint and weathering. Notably, the challenge for this prop was that it needed to be able to be submerged in a tank with actual fish, so extra care was made to seal and prep the item.

Below are several pictures from the event, close ups of the paint job and it’s iridescent top-coat, and at the very bottom, the prop pre-paint.

ScrummySmall GregWithGoogleMGuffinSM EyeGlowSmall GolorrSmall UnpaintedTwoUp